How It Works

We come to you– whether it’s a school (evening, lunchtime, after-school), a housing community, a government program, a PreK/Headstart facility, a home neighborhood, or a private program.  We provide the books, the modeling, the discussing, the sharing.

What a FRP Session Looks Like

-Provides a research component — sharing why reading with children of all ages is important.

-Models for parents how to have quality conversations around books with their children.

-Gives time to the families to practice exploring books together and to share their insights.

-Provides conversation cards so parents have additional ideas of things to talk about with their children when they continue reading the books at home.

-Gives books away to increase the quantity and quality of books in the home. In addition to keeping the books that are modeled, each child present, regardless of age, may self-select books he/she would like to read and keep for his/her home library.